2020: The Global Sulphur Cap Insight Report

A new series of Insight Reports that deal with particular topics of current interest. These reports will tackle subjects in an even more in-depth manner than the ShipInsight guides

The Global Sulphur Cap report will look at the problems that are piling up for shipowners in meeting the simultaneous cost of two environmental equipment initiatives. Ballast water treatment and the 3.5 global limit on sulphur levels in fuels.

Actually relatively little of the report will cover the ballast water treatment aspect but its importance cannot be overlooked because of the draining effect it will have on bank accounts and the ability to adopt a strategy to meet the fuel challenge.

The report will examine the cost and operational issues involved in meeting the 3.5% limit attempting to do so by looking at various scenarios that may play out affecting fuel costs and types. Owners will be looking at payback periods for installing exhaust gas treatment (scrubbers) under different potential fuel cost levels. They may also examine other options available such as conversion to LNG but the benchmarks and experience here is severely limited.

The report will also attempt to gauge the position with regard to fuel availability using information that has emerged since the report commissioned and accepted by the IMO was released. It will also look at counter arguments from within and outside the industry.