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ABS Nautical platform offers new interface for CMMS and partners with Spares CNX on inventories

ABS Nautical clients can now connect their computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) directly to the ABS MyFreedom client portal, providing a single interface for survey, compliance and maintenance reporting for the first time improving efficiency and reducing crew workload.

The integration enables digital survey crediting, ​providing a more condition-based approach to support an efficient and streamlined onboard class experience.  The integration has been fully implemented in the ABS Nautical Systems software and is open and available to any CMMS provider.

“Through this integration, we can offer an open and secure platform that seamlessly integrates safety and compliance into everyday operations, driving a digitally-connected and more sustainable shipping future,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology. “This will streamline the flow of data to optimize operations, better manage maintenance priorities and simplify transactions across systems to improve condition monitoring and increase asset availability.”

In a separate development ABS Nautical Systems and Spares CNX, a global provider of spare parts supply chain technology, are partnering to digitalise spare parts inventory. PROPELLER platform, Spares CNX’s proprietary software for vessel inventory management, will be integrated with ABS NS’ NS Enterprise software suite, offering clients seamless data-driven support for the procurement process, including increased visibility into onboard spare parts levels, locations and real-time consumption.

PROPELLER works seamlessly with select NS Enterprise software modules, including Maintenance Manager, which facilitates lifecycle and survey planning for equipment reliability, and Purchasing Manager, which supports inventory control activities to increase efficiency. In addition, NS Enterprise’s leading-edge module, NS eLogs, a powerful digital solution that replaces traditional paper logbooks to improve the quality and security of data, will be available to onboard engineers via the PROPELLER Ship hardware.

“In the shipping industry, carrying excess inventory can be extremely costly and drain the bottom line,” said Evan Gooch, President of ABS Nautical Systems. “Our clients are looking for new ways to reduce investment in spare parts inventory and focus those dollars in areas that move their business forward. The PROPELLER platform is a game-changer with intelligent parts management that offers our clients greater capabilities for prioritizing, planning and supporting this cost reduction.”

“Spares CNX is bringing spares management into the 21st century,” said John Slattery, CEO of Spares CNX. “ABS Nautical Systems is a natural market partner for us because they truly understand the market’s data-driven paradigm shift and are making significant investments in their software solutions to support digitalization for their clients. Together, we are bringing new-age technologies to an old-world industry and helping shipping companies stay competitive.”