Ballast Water Treatment Insight Report

The first of a new ShipInsight initiative with the publication of a special report on ballast treatment in the light of the coming into force of the IMO convention and the first US type-approval.

Three months after Finland’s ratification triggered the coming into force of the 2004 Convention much has changed on the ballast water treatment front.

The US has granted its first type approval which means that the days of the Alternate Management System programme are numbered and the IMO has put in place a major revision of the G8 guideline which covers type-approval under the convention.

From next September all new vessels will be expected to have a treatment system installed and existing ships will be obliged to make arrangements for a system to be onboard within five years. Or will they? Liberia has proposed an extension to the deadlines and the IMO is also discussing same risk areas that could see short sea ships given exemptions.

This reports looks at the latest developments and what they may mean for shipowners and system makers alike.