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Denmark-based ballast treatment system maker DESMI has developed two new Ballast systems CompactClean Bulker and CompactClean OptIMO covering bulker solutions and ships sailing in IMO waters only or primarily. These new systems join the DESMI portfolio alongside the well-known CompactClean BWMS.

“Not all ships are engaged in global trade but rather in regional or domestic trade, and as such a significant part of the world fleet will never, or only rarely, enter US waters.  Such vessels can benefit from a system that is optimised to IMO requirements and not US Coast Guard requirements, and this is exactly what we have developed with our new CompactClean OptIMO BWMS. This system has lower power consumption and fewer UV lamps and thus provides both CAPEX and OPEX savings, as well as an even smaller footprint than the market leading footprint of CompactClean”, said Rasmus Folsø, CEO DESMI Ocean Guard. He continued, “Moreover, the OptIMO meets the USCG requirements and can be operated in a US compliance mode, which however involves a smaller maximum flowrate, but does make it suitable for operation in US waters when needed”.

If there is no need to operate the system at max flowrate in US compliance mode, either because US waters are never entered or because the vessel’s operation profile allows the discharge of ballast water at a reduced flowrate when in US waters, then OptIMO is the right choice as it provides both CAPEX and OPEX savings.