Fuels and Lubricants Guide

The ShipInsight In-Depth Guides have in a very short time become established around the world as a key tool for decision makers and purchasers within ship operation and shipowning organisations.

Today, the choice of fuel for a ship will be made for a variety of reasons. Availability and suitability are factors but the main reasons will be a combination of price and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.

Last year, the IMO set the date for the last of the current deadlines in fuel regulation for 2020. The reduction to an equivalent 0.5% sulphur content in fuels globally combined with today’s 0.1% in ECAs will cause a very expensive time for owners with some suggesting an extra $60Bn bill for the industry.

Within this guide ShipInsight looks at some of the issues involved in the use and development of modern fuels and lubes and how regulations are driving those developments and influencing the choice of fuels for today and for the future.