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IMO head says time to reset shipping for zero emissions is now

The COVID recovery will require a new growth and innovation agenda for societies to rebuild in line with climate commitments. To address this issue, a series of “Race to Zero” dialogues to spur greater climate action across all sectors are being held. IMO’s Secretary-General Kitack Lim opened the series’ shipping segment, reiterating that: “IMO’s GHG Strategy has sent a clear signal that now is the time to start developing the vessels, the fuels and all the other necessary infrastructure to support zero-emission of shipping”.

During the “Accelerating the Race to Zero Emission Shipping” session (11 November), hosted by the World Economic Forum, leaders from the shipping value chain also highlighted how crucial the next five years will be to ensure a successful transition to zero-emission from shipping by 2050. “It needs to start with IMO, we need clear regulations”, declared Rasmus Bach Nielsen of Trafigura, a freight company. The session concluded by reaffirming that this is the moment to reset, focus on innovation and accelerate the shift to sustainable and resilient modes of transport.