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Kongsberg Digital has signed a partnership agreement with MarineInsight by ioCurrents. The deal will make three new software solutions available to Vessel Insight subscribers via the Kognifai Marketplace: Vessel Health, Automated Reports and Fuel & Emission Optimization. The solutions will, respectively, assist in identifying engine failure through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, create Automated Reports for all departments, and reduce fuel consumption based on proactive recommendations from automated data analysis.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with ioCurrents and to offer Vessel Insight subscribers their solutions through the Kognifai Marketplace. The demand for solutions to predict failures, to optimise fuel and emissions, and to streamline reporting is increasing both for retrofits and newbuilds entering the market. The MarineInsight solutions can easily be adopted by our subscribers and can solve many problems already identified by our customers,” said Eirik Næsje, Senior Vice President of Vessel Insight, KDI.

MarineInsight is active in the workboat, OSV, bulk, tanker industries, and in other commercial and passenger maritime sectors around the globe. The company focuses on three core competencies, Vessel Health, Automated Reports and Fuel and Emission optimisation.

By applying Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence, MarineInsight provides proactive recommendations to identify failures before they occur. Powered by AI, MarineInsight establishes ML models by understanding the normal operating behaviour of each unique vessel. These unique ML models then identify when subsystems are trending towards failure. This gives crews more time to identify failures and enables a proactive approach to preventing them, rather than reactively dealing with critical failures whilst in operation.

The InsightHub gives access to reports that can be used by all departments including Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, and Compliance and HSSQE. These automated reports reduce manual input by crews, increasing accuracy.

MarineInsight optimises voyages by considering two variables: Time, and Fuel Rates. It generates automated reports that provide proactive recommendations based on the fuel index to reduce fuel burn while not sacrificing schedules.

“Partnering with Kongsberg Digital has been a goal of ours for quite some time,” said Cosmo King, co-founder of ioCurrents. “We are confident that by leveraging AI and machine learning, our data analytics platform, MarineInsight, will benefit Kognifai’s Vessel Insight subscribers. MarineInsight will analyse the huge amounts of data coming from their vessels and will turn it into meaningful charts and dashboards, enabling factual decision making to improve individual vessel and fleet performance.”