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The Korean Register (KR) has awarded a Statement of Fact (SoF) for cyber security risk assessment and vulnerability diagnosis to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) for its ‘Ship Cyber Security Simulator’.

KR and SHI signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung Heavy Industries’ Ship & Ocean Research Center last year to conduct joint development on ship cyber security network and design safety evaluation. The SoF was awarded to recognize the successful outcome of the cybersecurity vulnerability diagnosis and risk assessment.

As information and communication technology is widely applied across the maritime business world, the risk of critical information breach in ships, system collapses, or ship cyberattacks using ransomware attack or hacking, has increased dramatically. In this respect, the IMO resolution of MSC.428(98) now states that cyber risks should be appropriately identified, analysed, and addressed within ship operators’ Safety Management Systems no later than the first annual verification of the Company’s Document of Compliance after 1 January 2021.  Several flag states including the USCG and the Australian Maritime Administration have also introduced regulations to manage cyber security risk better.

KR provided technical expertise as part of the joint development project to improve the comprehensive cybersecurity level. The ship cyber security simulator is a test bed that examines the cyber security of smart ships developed by Samsung Heavy Industries. By testing the vulnerabilities that might occur during installation and operation on an actual ship, KR has assessed the cyber security network configuration and security function safety, identifying technical measures to reduce cyber risk and improve safety.

Lee Dong-yeon, Head of the Shipbuilding and Maritime Research Institute, Samsung Heavy Industries, said, “The presentation of KR’s SoF confirms the reliability of the ship cyber security simulator developed by Samsung Heavy Industries. Using our research and through the development of new security solutions, we can now build a ship with the world’s best cybersecurity functions.”

Kim Dae-Heon, EVP of KR R&D division, said, “Through this joint development, Samsung Heavy Industries has improved ship safety by strengthening cybersecurity for smart ships, and working towards a class notation in the future. KR will further strengthen its cybersecurity technology leadership through the development of its cybersecurity certification capabilities and technical services, which are currently provided to all areas of the maritime industry, including shipping companies, shipyards, and equipment manufacturers.”