Navigation and Bridge Guide Part 1

The ShipInsight In-Depth Guides have in a very short time become established around the world as a key tool for decision makers and purchasers within ship operation and shipowning organisations.

This ShipInsight guide is the first of three devoted to the systems and equipment found on the bridges of modern ships. The other two are concerned more with navigation systems and ECDIS while this first guide covers bridge layout and ergonomics and peripheral equipment not directly used in navigation.

The revolution that has taken place in bridge design and layout over the last two decades becomes apparent when comparing state of the art bridges from the mid 1990s and today. It might comes as a shock to some of the newer navigators and deck officers to learn that equipments such as GPS, GMDSS stations, VDRs, AIS, ECDIS and BNWAS were not required – and in some cases not even developed – on the older vessels. The banks of screens that are the hallmark of a modern vessel would also have been absent with all pieces of equipment likely to be stand alone and housed where space permitted.