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Novaco launches combined navigation and digital tracking tool

UK-based navigation services provider Novaco has developed a new all-in-one navigation data and tracking product for commercial and leisure vessels. NovacoHub delivers and integrates secure navigation data to the bridge, while also providing real-time tracking and vessel positioning information.

“It’s simple to install and immediately provides valuable information to vessel and shore using smart technology from Novaco,” explained Novaco founding director Yiorgos Palierakis. “Officers rightly demand the most efficient ways to maintain charts, publications and other navigation data on their vessels. We developed NovacoHub as a reliable and cybersecure solution, enabling them to automatically maintain compliant charts, publications and related information. It’s a clever little box no bigger than 24cm in length that not only delivers and integrates secure navigation data to the bridge, but also provides real-time tracking and vessel positioning information. While we built it to be a standalone product for any vessel, ECDIS or PC, it also integrates seamlessly with NovacoBridge for a complete navigation and fleet tracking solution.”

NovacoHub is a discreet plug-and-play solution that is fitted to the wheelhouse and can be connected simply via a single Ethernet cable to bridge systems. The vessel benefits from secure navigation data delivery, removing the security and virus risk of DVDs and USB sticks. This gives navigation officers direct access to AVCS, AIO, ADP and AeNP base files and updates – to both their ECDIS and also eReaders on a laptop or PC. The system eliminates missing and non-sequential updates to digital charts and publications, while delivering the latest Notices to Mariners information for vessels that maintain paper charts or publications.

Users can access digital publications, NavArea warnings and all available updates for ENCs and paper charts on demand. NovacoHub also supports Novaco’s PAYS delivery of AVCS charts that fall under the keel.

Free tracking information from NovacoHub is independent of the ship’s bridge systems, removing reliance on existing bridge AIS, GPS or radar. NovacoHub will record the global position of the vessel and maintain its positional history. Companies can track their entire fleet free of charge with multiple installations of NovacoHub. The system accurately reports the vessel’s position, course, speed and more, which can be accessed by any networked device on the vessel or by shore-based teams. It also maps IMO, call sign, MMSI, vessel name and position of vessels operating up to 30-mile radius from the host vessel.