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Organisers of the Athens trade show Posidonia have finally decided that the event planned for this year should eb cancelled. In a statement issued to all prospective participants the organisers said,

“It is with a great deal of regret that we are announcing the cancellation of Posidonia 2020, originally planned for June 2020 and subsequently postponed to October 2020. We have reached this difficult decision following close consultation with many exhibitors and with our shipping community stakeholders, after assessing the current state of Covid-19 in countries around the world.

The worrying increase of cases in certain jurisdictions and the inability to predict reliably where the Pandemic will take us in the months ahead, compounds the uncertainty that now prevails, imposing upon us circumstances that are beyond our control. As our exhibitors and participants are now at the point of incurring substantial costs in the preparation of their participation at Posidonia, including travel commitments, adopting a ‘wait and see’ policy and then being forced to cancel Posidonia much closer to October is a risk we are not willing to take”.

The statement continued, “We feel that our longstanding and close relationship with our exhibitors and participants, going back many years, leaves us no option but to take action now to ensure that you are not adversely affected. Furthermore the complexities of international travel which are constantly being re-evaluated as events develop, pose major challenges and practical restrictions to our international exhibitors and visitors, with the distinct possibility that many will not be able to visit Greece. Without them Posidonia would not be the same”.

The organisers did consider postponing the event until March or April next year but decided against it and are now concentrating efforts on the 2022 event instead.

The decision means that there will now be no major European trade show this year as the organisers of SMM have moved their event from its planned September date to early February 2021.