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Q88 and Danaos plan acceleration of digitalisation by integrating platforms

Q88 LLC, a global provider of SaaS technology to the maritime industry, and Danaos, a provider of specialised shipping software have announced the automated integrations to questionnaire management data for shipowners, charterers, and operators.

This new data-driven integration combines Danaos software’s power with the efficiency of the Q88 tanker information management platform to support commercial and operational decisions that positively impact shipping digitalisation. By automating routine tasks and centralising previously distributed information, this integration stimulates workflows and boosts productivity.

The integration of cargo history data from Danaos automates the response to all cargo history, and last cargoes carried questions on the questionnaires on and Q88Dry. Once enabled, the answer to questions like 12.1 on the Q88, listing the last three cargoes carried, are populated from Danaos, increasing accuracy and time-saving.

Questions about recent cargoes carried are common on many questionnaires. Compiling the data manually from the voyage management system to type the answer when preparing the questionnaire is tedious and prone to inaccuracies. Automating the response cuts down on time and ensures that the questionnaire is synchronized with the voyage management system.

“This integration leverages automation to increase accuracy and efficiency for customers of Q88 and Danaos, aligning the companies’ efforts to aid our common customers,” said Fritz Heidenreich, founder and president of Q88, LLC. “This represents another key step on the journey toward digitally transforming maritime industry.”

“Danaos policy is always to develop and support integrations with the systems of our valued partners, enabling both our platforms and the customers to reap the full benefit of interoperability and seamless automation for all their business functions,” said Dimitris Theodossiou, Managing Director of Danaos I.T. Group.