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Seably link with WellAtSea in safety and wellness collaboration

“Health and Safety are always crucial for any mariner and shipowner. The crew is a company’s biggest asset and improving their mental and physical wellbeing is essential for a safe and efficient operation.” said Andrea Lodolo, CEO of the Swedish-owned Seably platform as he announced the new joint venture between global digital marketplace Seably, and health and technology company, WellAtSea.

Both organisations are committed to making the industry safer. The partnership will see Seably and WellAtSea blend their technology, resources and marketing to deliver health and wellness courses and content together. Described as the start of an exciting relationship, the venture plans to have more initiatives, programmes and courses released in the near future.

Seably is a unique online marketplace offering exclusive content for the maritime industry. With more than 250 courses developed by marine industry specialists covering a wide range of topics and skills, the free and affordable dedicated wellness programmes by WellAtSea will enhance the range already available on the Seably marketplace.

Danish-owned WellAtSea was established to improve the overall wellbeing of the seafarer through continuous and sustainable organisational change. Its proven, evidence-based programmes are designed and created by health experts and safeguard the mental and physical wellbeing of all seafarers, on and offshore. Through WellAtSea, seafarers have access to specialised health, wellness and fitness content, including but not limited to exercise plans, workout videos and meditation tapes. These programmes can be carried out anywhere and at any time.

Claus Sonderskov, WellAtSea Medical Director expressed his delight at signing of the joint venture with Seably. As he explained, “The partnership will enhance our strengths. Seably is the future for maritime learning and development using the latest technology. WellAtSea provides an easy-to-implement and platform-driven programme of tailored activities for companies of any size that employees will love to use – and that will save the company and employees money spent on healthcare costs. Together this is a partnership that will provide immense value for seafarers and promote safety for the mariner within the industry.”

Pilot John Gatti, Director of Markets at Seably concurred and added, “Seafarers are exposed to stress from several physical and psychosocial elements. The WellAtSea courses promote high standards in health and wellbeing and enhance our dedicated material for the maritime industry on the Seably marketplace. The joint venture will raise the bar for companies committed to looking after their employees’ needs.”

It is well documented that seafarers with poor mental health are more likely to leave a company within 6 months from the onset of mental health problems. The recent years have shone a light on seafarers and the stressful challenges they face. When the pandemic struck, many countries closed borders and imposed travel restrictions, trapping thousands of seafarers at sea. While the situation may have improved, there are still many affected by the crisis. Unsurprisingly there have been reports of increased mental stress. In light of this, crew retention is critical. WellAtSea estimate that the costs facing companies for illness, medical repatriation and Death of a Seafarer can range anywhere from between €25,000 – 105,000.

Andrea Lodola, concluded, “We are delighted with this latest joint venture with WellAtSea. As a premier destination for seafarers and shipping companies globally, we are well suited as partners, driven by similar values and understanding of the importance of wellbeing for mariners and the positive impacts of learning through technology.”