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Keeping abreast of changes in maritime regulation and technology and ensuring compliance places a considerable burden on hard-pressed staff, a burden that ShipInsight is aimed at reducing.

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The Journals

Keeping up to speed with all the latest developments in both regulation and compliance is not an easy task and those entrusted to doing so need all the help they can get. Subscribers receive all four journals packed with over 130 pages in each issue.

Regulation, technology and innovation

Cutting-edge commentary, long-form articles and fresh thinking in every issue as well as regular sections that explore other aspects of shipping.

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The In-Depth Guides

Established around the world as a key tool for decision makers and purchasers within ship operation and shipowning organisations subscribers will receive all 8 guides published every year as well as access to the back catalogue.

A range of topics

Limited to a single topic or area of interest the guides provide a summary of regulation affecting that area followed by practical information on implementation and technology.

High Quality

Each perfect bound high quality guide is in A5 format ranging from between 60-120 pages long – the perfect size in terms of subject depth and coverage.

Digital Edition

All guides are optimised so they can be read on any device and can be exported to PDF format. Also every edition is fully searchable by keyword.

Trusted by many

The series of guides are trusted by the industry and are read by over 80% of owners worldwide. They are published in an easy to read format, impartial and above all invaluable.

Insight Reports. Understanding the challenges.

Subscribers will also receive a new series of Insight Reports that deal with particular topics of current interest. Similar to white papers, these reports will tackle subjects in an even more in-depth manner than the ShipInsight guides but will be more focussed on a single subject or area. Because shipping is a fast moving business, developments can move faster and outpace regulation leading to confusion and indecision.

It is an effort to keep up-to-date on the latest development in ship operations. The ShipInsight publications on those topics have been informative and helpful in understanding current trends and issues.”

Capt. William R. Daniels. VP, LNG Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping

Impartial. Invaluable.

A subscription to ShipInsight is guaranteed to shed clear light on complicated subjects and to keep you ahead of all of the developments in maritime regulation and technology. Join 14,500 others and choose your subscription below.

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Every Journal, Guide and Report.
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Every Journal, Guide and Report in high quality print.


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