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Norwegian marine engineering company TeamTec has signed an agreement with Kurita Water Industries in Japan for the acquisition of all certificates and rights for a newly developed ballast water management system. This will be branded as TeamTec Senza BWMS.

The system became the 40th approved system in the US when the USCG issued a type-approval certificate on 11 February this year.

Senza BWMS uses direct biocide injection to treat ballast water. To the owner’s as well as yard’s benefit the system does not require the use of filters. Neutraliser is injected when discharging ballast water. Standard, non-proprietary chemicals are used during ballast (Sodium Hypochlorite) and de-ballast (Sodium Sulphite) operations. Senza BWMS simplicity makes it easy to install on both new and existing ships. Only minor modifications to the ballast piping are needed to retrofit Senza BWMS, making it possible to complete the installation while sailing. The system includes limited moving parts and no complex equipment resulting in minimal maintenance and easy operation for the crew.

Senza BWMS has been developed by Kurita Water Industries and will be offered to the global market by TeamTec. “We see a high interest for a hassle-free, yet competitively priced BWM system which hardly uses any power and offers minimum installation cost”, said Olav Voie, CEO at TeamTec. “We experience increasing demand from yards and shipowners for BWM systems that do not use filters and are easy to install. Senza BWMS will enable us to offer a system with extremely low installation costs, as well as being a very competitive alternative for vessels traditionally using a UV system. With Senza there is no risk of experiencing a clogged-up filter that disrupts operation resulting in extending the vessel’s time in port and unwanted delays.”

“Senza BWMS will be a valuable extension to our product range and fits right into our globally present sales, service and manufacturing organization”, Mr. Voie continues. “We think it is of value for customers that the ballast water management product range is offered by an already profitable and solid company with a diversified product portfolio. Shipowners can have confidence that we, as the supplier, are in the market to stay. Senza BWMS will allow us to extract synergies between product ranges and to streamline our service organisation even further”, he added.