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Norwegian fuel cell developer TECO 2030 has announced a partnership with Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Holland to develop zero emission hydrogen-based fuel cell propulsion on all types of river going vessels, such as push tugs, dredgers, passenger and cargo ships and low-profile coasters.

The two companies have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to develop expertise and competence for the construction of low and zero emission vessels. This is the platform for potential joint projects to develop efficient and safe hydrogen fuel cell river vessels, including manufacturing, installation, testing and common marketing.

“The partnership with Thecla Bodewes enables TECO 2030 to commercialise the TECO 2030 Marine Fuel Cell on newbuilds for inland waterway transport. This is just the beginning of TECO 2030 becoming a major provider of marine fuel cell systems,“ said Tore Enger, CEO of TECO 2030.

“The strategic cooperation with TECO 2030 will enable us to build world-class zero emission vessels, realising the sustainability goals of our shipyards” said Thecla Bodewes, CEO and owner of Thecla Bodewes Shipyards