Training and Simulation Guide

The ShipInsight In-Depth Guides have in a very short time become established around the world as a key tool for decision makers and purchasers within ship operation and shipowning organisations.

A career at sea whether as an o cer or as a rating can be rewarding choice and while maybe not as popular as it once was in the developed world in less prosperous nations can be one of the highest paid areas of employment.

Today, some training is just as likely to take place in a sea- farer’s own home or on board a vessel using computer based and online training as it is in proper training establishments ashore. The use of simulators is another accelerating trend which is be- ing seen at the highest level as almost being on a par with sea- going experience. Ultimately, the test of training is to be proved in safer and more e cient operation of ships and if that can be achieved, the means — whatever they are — will be justi ed.