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Kongsberg Digital and Yxney, an energy efficiency specialist who helped customers achieve combined savings of more than 60,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2020, have teamed up to offer shipowners and operators a unique tool for fleet energy management. Their Maress application will be available for all Vessel Insight users on the Kognifai Marketplace from 8 March 2021.

Yxney’s Maress application is a digital management solution for decarbonising maritime operations, providing vessel owners and operators with the insight they need to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Maress facilitates transparency and a new way of collaborating towards industry emission targets by establishing a unique baseline for each vessel in a fleet, based on historic performance for every activity on board. This baseline, teamed with real-time data from the operations of each vessel and the entire fleet, enables Maress to make analysing the effect of energy saving initiatives and programs much easier.

As of January 2021, approximately 300 vessels were already using Maress within the offshore and shipping segments. Yxney has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, demonstrated by an approximately 100 percent increase in its customer base from 2019 to 2020. This rapid growth suggests an increasing demand for data-driven solutions that reduce fuel consumption, costs, and environmental impact for shipowners and energy companies.

“We are very excited to partner up with Yxney,” said Eirik Næsje, Senior Vice President of Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital. “The concept of Yxney brilliantly challenges the dichotomy between reducing environmental footprint and cutting costs and offers a service that’s been highly called for in the industry. We can now offer our subscribers a powerful tool to improve their understanding of vessel energy consumption and to capitalize on operational data. With the driving forces towards meeting IMO2030, IMO2050 and continuously stricter regulations, it is a much-needed application that will increase the business value of Vessel Insight for its users.”

The partnership will add great value to all users of Vessel Insight, KONGSBERG’s SaaS-based vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure solution. Vessel Insight captures and aggregates quality data in a cost effective and secure way, providing instant and easy access to fleet overview, vessel specific dashboards and data analysis tools. In addition, through the Kognifai Marketplace, customers have access to a large range of applications and services – now including Yxney’s Maress – that can offer further synergies and unlock immediate benefits. By being part of the Kognifai Marketplace, Yxney can reach more customers in need of their solution.

“We see KONGSBERG as a leader in maritime technology and navigational systems. Vessel Insight and Kognifai enable KONGSBERG systems installed on thousands of vessels worldwide to send data to the cloud. The partnership between Kongsberg Digital and Yxney enables Maress to utilize the data from KONGSBERG systems onboard the vessels to deliver visualizations and transparency on data related to sustainability. With this partnership KONGSBERG, Yxney and their customers can set sail to drive change in the maritime industry for a sustainable future,” said Yxney CEO, Gjord Simen Sanna.