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Norwegian Electrical and automation specialist SEAM has chosen Zinus as supplier of the charging solution for two ferry connections. The contract includes four telescopic charging towers of the Charging Telescopic Autonomous type to be installed on the ferry quays, as well as four charging connections to be installed on board the two ferries that operate the fjord crossings. The systems will be delivered in the second quarter of 2022.

Combined, the charging tower and connection form an autonomous system that charges electric ferries fully automatically at call. Connecting the ferries to the power supply only takes around 20 seconds, and the system can transmit a current of as much as 4,400 amperes.

“Together with Zinus, SEAM has previously delivered charging systems to several ferries. In our opinion, Zinus offers efficient technology with good charging capacity. The Zinus system is also very elegant in appearance, and the charging tower’s footprint makes it both easy to place and space-saving on the quay. Furthermore, the solution is very flexible in relation to installation height, which is an advantage in ferry connections with large tidal differences,” said Karl Norheim, project manager at SEAM.

In total, Zinus now has delivered or to order Charging Telescopic Autonomous systems for 24 ferry connections, spread across several nations. Sales Director Ronny Olson expects the number to increase significantly as the electrification and decarbonisation of shipping accelerates in more and more countries.

“In the domestic market, we have all the major Norwegian ferry companies as end customers. This shows that we have a charging solution that the market is confident with, and this latest contract is yet another confirmation of the trust our customers show us,” Olson said.